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New DVD index for the Library

We offer a simple, convenient way of borrowing and returning DVDs, specifically for our "out of town" members.

If you want to borrow a DVD from the library, simply contact our librarian, Warrick Fox (02) 9686 7639 and he will mail the DVD to you immediately (or if currently on loan, upon it's return). Be sure to confirm your current address with Warrick.

This is just another Member Service provided through your NMRA membership.

Members attending Sydney monthly meetings will find that Warrick has the library open for about 45 minutes during the afternoon, with a variety of DVDs available for your selection.

Maybe you'll find some ideas that you can incorporate in your own layout or you might just enjoy some time being a couch potato. Either way - happy viewing.

Warrick Fox

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The DVDs have now been "catagorised" by subject. Use the links below to view each category - or just use the Master List.

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