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Recording and selling railway collections.

The Attached Spreadsheet is useful for recording or selling large numbers of model railway items. It may form the basis of listing items for insurance purposes or managing the sale of a large number of items from an estate or even a modeller changing scale or gauge.

If you are going to catalogue a large number of items for sale the following tips might help.

  • There is a brand of stick on labels known as Esselte which are sold by most newsagents. These come in a small box which allows you to pull them out so they are set up to attach to the item. The label known as a "MR 16.24 Removable" is highly suitable for this task. These can be stuck on each item as they are sorted. The description of each item can be written on a printed copy of the spreadsheet and the number from the spreadsheet written on the label. These labels which are removable will not damage original boxes such as those used for brass locos.

  • Small items can be placed in zip lock bags and similarly identified with a stick on label on the outside of the bag.

  • A good guide to prices are the big shops such as Caboose hobbies for USA brass locos and the larger local Hobby Shops and E-bay for Australian items. The guiding price for disposal of items should always be a balance between values and timeliness of disposal particularly if it disposing of an estate. Items that are no longer in production are often more valuable than something that can still be bought online or through the local hobby shop. However remember it is a second hand item and only worth what someone will pay for it. Locos with DCC or DCC plus sound are worth more than locos with DC only. Most locos with sound will run on both DC or DCC and are generally worth around the same amount.

  • There are several ways of selling items all of which work best for different types. Some collectables can be sold on commission through specialist hobby shops. This often works well with Australian Brass Locos. The NMRA Australasian Website has a free marketplace and members are informed by E-Mail when new lists are added. Some of the train exhibitions have a buy and sell and clubs usually charge a reasonable fee. The NMRA has auctions from time to time and there is usually a buy and sell with no commission at the NMRA Australasian Region Convention.

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