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Illawarra Model Railway Club 

Kelly River Model Raiload Exhibition Layout

The main feature of this exhibtion layout is a working single track Bascule Bridge

(a drawbridge with a counterweight - to be precise the bridge modelled is a single leaf through truss with an above-deck counterweight).

On either side of the bridge the double track main lines are combined into gauntlet track to run over the bridge. Gauntlet track refers to the where tracks converge onto a single roadbed and are interlaced without using turnouts or points.

A switch frog at each end allows the two tracks to overlap, and the four rails run parallel over the bridge on the same sleepers and separate again at the other end.

The signalling, bridge operation and track power supply are interlocked. This will makes operating the layout particularly interesting. It also means that trains can't crash into each other on the bridge or fall into the water when the bridge is up.

The bascule bridge is adapted from the Walther's model and is over 70cm in length. The gauntlet track is hand laid in code 83 rail utilsing the frogs from No. 6 Shinohara turnouts. The other turnouts on the layout are Micro Engineering.

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