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  • JMRI Deep Dive

    This weekend I took a deep dive into JMRI. Being familiar with its Wi Throttle/Engine Driver capabilities, it was time to take the next step. I figured out Panel Pro, created panels for each town on my layout, then created the turnout table, linking it to each of the panels, and presto, all operational. Each…

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  • Recessing Push Button Switches

    My Eureka Valley Narrow Gauge Railroad (EVNGR) is an On3 layout and has been developed over about 25 years – modified and expanded from time to time as we model railroaders are prone to do. I started using Switchmaster motors for operating my turnouts and found them quiet, reliable, and relatively easy to install. To…

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  • Rails@Rosehill 2023 Video

    First of all, on behalf of the NMRA Division 7 NSW, thank you Will for this wonderful video detailing what we do at an NMRA convention. We look forward to having you at our future events and being a part of this great organisation. Will has put together an excellent video showcasing the NMRA, and…

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