Education Program – Basic Skills


Welcome to our Model Railway Basic Skills program. This course replaces the original Beginner’s program which relied heavily on the US based program hosted on the NMRA (US) website. We have produced this Australian version hosted on our NMRA (AR) website to eliminate our reliance on the US hosted program (over which we have no control), to provide a more logical approach and to use language more familiar to Australasian modellers e.g. switch in lieu of turnout, railway in lieu of railroad and metric measurement.

The 10 modules take the reader from getting started through layout planning, laying track, wiring, scenery etc. to the NMRA Golden Spike award for a working layout in any scale and any prototype (i.e. British, US, Australian or European). My thanks and congratulations to Rod Tonkin our WA Superintendent for his excellent work in writing and illustrating these modules. No registration is necessary, just click on the module you want in the index below.

I trust this program will enable members and non-members alike to save money by avoiding common mistakes and learn new techniques to enhance their enjoyment of this wonderful hobby. Hopefully, non-members reading these modules and the material referenced on our website will see the value in NMRA membership and join in the fun at our meetings held monthly all over Australasia.

Peter Burrows

Education Chair (AR)

Please note most references are made to this website (the NMRA (AR) website).

DVD references are only available to NMRA members.