Master Model Railroader

An NMRA member qualifies as a Master Model Railroader® when he or she has obtained at least seven of the eleven Achievement Certificates provided that he or she has earned at least one Achievement Certificate in each of the four areas of the Regulations. Earning the title of Master Model Railroader® is the ultimate goal for many participants in the Achievement Program.  Interested and qualified Master Model Railroaders® (MMR®) are also eligible and encouraged to serve as instructors in the “Modeling With The Masters®” program.

Take a minute to read this interesting history of the Achievment Program. The history was prepared by CJ Riley MMR® #97 – additional material provided by: Willis Ehlert MMR® #59, Rick Shoup MMR® #234, Phil Kohl, Paul Richardson MMR® #345, and Frank Koch, HLM. 

A History of the NMRA Achievement Program (1961 – 2018)

Before you jump in to the website, take a minute to read this short article by Gerry Leone, MMR® – This article appeared in a previous issue of Scale Rails (now the NMRA Magazine). Gerry put some of his thoughts down on paper regarding his quest for the MMR®. Give some thought to what Gerry has to say – He says it so well!. 
What I learned by becoming an MMR® – By Gerry Leone, MMR®.


Master Model Railroader Forms