Layouts with DCC

HO LayoutsLayouts marked with (X) are extinct – they have been dismantled,
some are being rebuilt in a new location.
The new layouts will be added to the list as they are re-built.
Central Coast (NSW)Doug KirbyCostaplenty (CVP)
Blue Mountains (NSW)Bob Best MMRGreat Northern Railway (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW)Peter Jensen 2(UPDATED) Vermont Railway (Digitrax)Youtube Video
Central Coast (NSW)Peter JensenVermont Railway (Digitrax)
Gold Coast (QLD)Allan HarlandGreat Northern Railway (Digitrax)
Medowie (NSW)Bill Fowler( X )Eternal Swamps Railroad (CVP)Youtube Video
Brisbane (QLD)Charles PageLoewy Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad (NCE)
Sydney (NSW)Jim PooleCB&Q – Cody, Wyoming (CVP)
Sydney (NSW)John Baker (d)( X ) UP / SP – Bakerville Sub (Sys 1)
Sydney (NSW)Sowerby Smith MMRSouthern Pacific – Shasta Sub (MRC)Youtube Video
Central Coast (NSW)John Saxon MMRCedar Valley – Allegheny Sub (CVP)Youtube Video
Newcastle (NSW)Collin Brettle( X ) Millwaukee Road – Penrith Sub (NCE)
Central Coast (NSW)Gerry Hopkins MMRGreat Northern – Great Falls Sub (CVP)Youtube Video
Central Coast (NSW)Ken Scales MMRSanta Fe Ontario and Western (NCE) –Youtube Video
Central Coast (NSW)Ken Scales MMRAtlantic Coast Railroad (NCE)
Central Coast (NSW)John Parker MMRBarren Creek & Santa Fe (CVP)Youtube Video
Sydney NSWDavid Latham MMRSanta Fe (Sys 1)
Bellvue Hill(NSW)John Diamond MMR (d)( X ) Tupper Lake & South Junction (Sys 1)Youtube video
Rose Bay(NSW)John Diamond MMR (d)( X ) Tupper Lake & South Junction (Sys 1)
Central Coast (NSW)David Swinfield (d)Santa Fe – Raton Pass(CVP)
Newcastle (NSW)Kelly Loyd MMRMilwaukee Road – Kansas City Sub (CVP)
Perth (WA)Bob Kollwyn (d)Union Pacific (Sys 1)
Brisbane (QLD)Denis LaneAllegheny Midland (NCE)
Toowoomba (QLD)Mark WardOMA Belt Line (NCE)
Coffs Harbour (NSW)Coffs Harbour
Module SIG
NEW LAYOUT – USA/NSW – Harbour Sub (CVP)
Coffs Harbour (NSW)Coffs Harbour
Module SIG
( X ) USA/NSW – Harbour Sub (CVP)
Melbourne (VIC)Henk MolenKampSanta Fe & Pacific (Digitrax) NEW LAYOUT
Melbourne (VIC)Henk MolenKamp( X ) Santa Fe & Pacific (Digitrax)
Sydney (NSW)Steve Pettit MMR( X ) Otter Tail Canyon (NCE)
Warnambool (VIC)Ray LucasYellow Pass – BN (NCE)
Sydney (NSW)Grahame BakerSt. Paul (NCE)
Oak Flats (NSW)John MartinMontana Rail Link (NCE)
Adelaide (SA)Ron SollyThe New Layout (NCE)
Sydney (NSW)Hills District MRCThree Club Layouts (NCE)
Central Coast (NSW)Phil Moore( X )Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (Sys 1)
Sydney (NSW)Ian RoffeyGreat Western Railway (NCE)
Ridleyton (SA)Ian WadeTinshed and Thistledo (Ecos/Lenz)
Dorrigo (NSW)Bill BaggetThe Ridge Way (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW)David PriceVictoria Dock Branch (CVP)
Adelaide (SA)Max Wright MMRNickel Plate Road (Lenz)
Adelaide (SA)Ray BrowbillWild Creek Railroad (Lenz)
Sydney (NSW)Doug WallaceMohawk Springs & Northwood (CVP)
Sydney (NSW)John ArrowsmithATSF (NCE)
Central Coast (NSW)Paul Morrant MMRJust a Bit of Logging (NCE)
Blue Mountains (NSW)Steven BurrowsChicago & North Western (NCE)
O Scale
Syndey (NSW)David Howarth MMRNew York Central (2014) (NCE)
Syndey (NSW)David Howarth MMRNew York Central (2016) (NCE)
N Scale
Sydney (NSW)Eric CoughlanMountain & Western – American N scale (Digitrax)Youtube Video
Sydney (NSW)Jeff Lee MMRBNSF – Downunder (NCE) UPDATED 13-03-2017Youtube Video
Central Coast (NSW)Graham WottonBNSF Rogue River Sub-Division (CVP)
Blue Mountains (NSW)Bob Best MMRGreat Northern (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW)Trevor JamesUP / SP – Mandalong Sub (CVP)Youtube Video
Canberra (ACT)Ken MacleayCincinnati Union Terminal (MRC)
Brisbane (QLD)Duncan CabassiUP / BNSF Joint Division (Digitrax)Youtube Channel