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Phil Moore

I have a number of large fully assembled, painted & detailed inside and outBuildings with led lighting and figures. These are all backdrop styled buildings forsale that are too big for my new layout. I am asking $50.00 each one as Ican only offer pickup from Erina as they are too large and delicate to useany freight company to transport safely.


1) Multiple City Classics Smallman Street Warehouse buildings kitbashed andpainted as per the photos. Dimensions: 960L x 290 w x 280 high. The buildinghas a length of code 83 track that runs into the building loading dock. Anextra cannery building is included as an office building with a floordetailed as per the photos.

2) Several Golden Valley Cannery buildings kitbashed, painted, weatheredinterior and exterior detailed with figures as per the photos. Dimensions:1190L x 290W x 310H

3) Two Walthers New River mine kits incorporating a part of the GlacierGravel company kit to form my boiler building. The mine has been kit bashed,painted, weathered and detailed as per the photo. The buildings all haveinterior & exterior led lighting as per the photos. The boiler house has aSeuthe smoke generator and fan to suck smoke up the plaster chimney. Thereare three ME code 55 tracks to the mine.

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