NMRA Membership

Alignment of Renewal Date to 1st July

Currently, members renew on the anniversary date of their joining. There are almost 700 members requiring renewal and the year-round nature of the renewals process reduces the efficiency of membership administration.

Effective immediately, the renewal date for all members will change to the 1st July.

There will be no increase in annual fees as a result of this change.

Current Members

The way it will work is that at your next renewal invitation, you will be given the option of renewing to the next 1st July or the 1st July after the next 1st July. The number of months for each option will be calculated and the renewal amount will be pro-rated accordingly. (If your renewal date is the 1st July, your renewal will always be to the next 1st July.)

For example, if your current renewal date is 1st March 2014 and you select Basic Membership plus Mainline ($40 per year), in February you will be sent an invitation to renew up to 1st July 2014 for $13.33 (4 months pro-rated) or 1st July 2015 for $53.33 (16 months pro-rated).

It is hoped most members will opt for the 1st July after next.

The renewal invitation will show the option amounts for all types of membership, ie, Basic, Basic plus Mainline, Basic plus NMRA Magazine, Basic plus Mainline plus NMRA Magazine, Family, so you know how much to remit if you wish to change your membership type.

New Members

To avoid confusion and complexity on the Application Form, new members will continue to pay the standard yearly amount and their first renewal date will be the anniversary of their joining. However, their first renewal invitation will have the adjustment options, as above, to align them to the next or following 1st July.

Please join me in supporting this change which Iím sure you will agree will lead to a more efficient renewal process, with benefits to all.

Best regards,

Erik Bennett

Membership Officer