Australasian Region

Systems Of Operation

Used on Layouts around Australia

Operation is an attempt to simulate prototype operations on our own layout. There are many ways to achieve this depending on the railroad modelled, the prototype, the era modelled, and the degree of challenge the modeller wishes to accept.

The layouts listed below all have regular sessions - the links will show you the systems and paperwork used on each layout.

More layouts will be added as I receive the paper work or links to the owners webpages.

Click on underlined Layout Name for Operating Details.

Great Northern Railway

Great Falls Sub-Division (1959) - HO DCC

Using Way Bills and Car Cards
Gerry Hopkins MMR

Vermont Railway System

& New England Central Railway - HO DCC

Using Track Warrants
Peter Jensen

Devan and Summersett

Using a timetable with a fast clock - OO DCC

and using Way Bills and Car Cards
Ron Solly

Sante-Fe Ontario and Western

Using Timetables and Train Orders - HO DCC

Ken Scales MMR

Cedar Valley Short Lines

Using Timetables and Train Orders - HO DCC

John Saxon MMR

Banbury Connection

Sequential Running - OO DC

Richard Day

Kangaroo Valley Historical Railway

Using Timetables, Car Cards and Waybills - HO DCC

Stephe Jitts MMR

Santa Fe & South Pacific

Shortland Sub - N DC

Doug Cook

Eureka Valley Railroad

Waybills & Car Cards - On3 DCC

Peter Jackson MMR

Kanunda & Emu Flat Railway


Ken House

The Milwaukee Road

Kansas City Subdivision - HO DCC
Waybills & Car Cards

Lachlan McGuire

Lumber Mountain RR

Train Orders - On30 DCC

Steve Magee

Buff Point Branch

NSWGR - Staff Control - HO DCC

Sam Mangion MMR (d)

UP/SP Railroad

Mandalong Sub (Museum) - N DCC

Trevor James

Wild Creek Railroad


Ray Brownbill

Newcastle to Fassifern Railway


Garry Glazebrook

Barren Creek & Santa Fe Railway


John Parker MMR

Animas & Lobato Southern Railroad


Bill Black

Fanta Se Railroad

Garridge Sub-division HO DCC

David Latham MMR

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