by Ken Scales MMR

The Atlantic Coast Railroad is a small freelance switching railroad based on the area around the coast of New Jersey. The rolling stock is interchanged with the nearby Sante-Fe Ontario and Western Railroad. Passenger services are handled by small gasoline powered doodlebugs, often pulling trailers, or by drovers cabooses on the rear of mixed trains. Freight trains use mainly small diesel road locos or diesel switchers.

The layout is built in three sections using lightweight materials and detachable legs. It is portable and can be assembled in less than10 minutes. It has its own built in lighting and is designed to be used as either a small home layout or as an exhibition layout at train shows. Track and turnouts are Peco Code 100 with Woodlands Scenic fine buff colored Ballast. Turnouts are thrown by hand. The layout is 9 feet long and 1 foot 3 inches wide.

Structures are either scratch built or heavily modified commercial kits. Scenery is a mixture of natural materials and commercial products. All trees are hand made using the popular rope and wire method. Many of the scenery techniques are experimental and were developed on this layout then used on a much larger scale on the Sante-Fe Ontario and Western Layout.

It is wired for DCC and designed to run on an NCE Procab