Basic Air Brush Weathering

Steam Locos

by Gerry Hopkins MMR

The clinic part of the meeting will start at 1.00 pm at Rowan Mangion’s home – the social part of the meeting will start at 2.00 pm as usual at Sam Mangion’s home. Those wishing to participate in the clinic will need to be there no later than 12.45 pm.

We will show you how to use an airbrush to weather your steam loco to bring out all the hidden detail built into the models.

You will need to bring :-

– your glasses.
– your hearing aid.
– working clothes.
– latex gloves.
– clean rags.
– a pair of scissors

We will bring:-

– the compressors.
– the airbrushes – single and double action.
– the paints.
– the thinners.
– the instructors.

About The Clinic

There will be a number of presenters so you will benefit from a variety of techniques.

We will show you:-

– How to use a single action airbrush.
– How to use masking cards.
– How to add extra detail with a small brush.