Bob Best MMR

The Layout

Kaughan Landing (Great Northern)

This layout has come into existence due to a residential move and a subsequent decrease in layout space. A point to point layout with a turntable at each end, built on a 450mm wide shelf.

Layout Description

The layout is a freelance setup that has rolling stock based on the Great Northern and also uses location names from all over the system but are nowhere geographically related.

The layout is 5m x 4m in an L shape with a turntable at either end and the section containing Kaughan Landing is somewhere near the centre.

There are industries that support each other such as stockyards, slaughterhouse, iceing dock, small mine, brewery, and some smaller suppliers and customers. The majority of structures on the layout are scratch built and as the area exists in an unsignalled area so trains run as needed but hoping in the future to use car cards.

Site Information

Layout Owner:Bob Best MMR
Address:12 Sparrowhawk Circuit, Jordan Springs 2747
Phone contact:0407 413 049
Layout details:Name: Kaughan Landing (Great Northern)
Scale: HO with DCC
Size: 9 x 0.45m  Shelf layout in the garage
Other information:Refreshments are available
Special instructions:Park in allocated visitor spaces opposite the house.

Layout Visits

The layout is open to guests at the following times:

Event TypeDateSessionLinkPlaces
Event TypeDateSessionLinkPlaces

The layout is not open for viewing during the course of the 2023 NMRA Convention on Saturday 30 September or Sunday 1 October.

*Places indicates the remaining spaces available for each session.