Charles Page

The Loewy Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad

In 2013/14 the layout room was extended, doubling the size of the layout. After three years of work the layout is now essentially complete, but of course never finished. The new space has allowed me to create a rather lengthy branch line that includes a lot of industry switching, something that was missing on the original layout.

The Loewy division of the Pennsylvania Railroad is a HO layout that is positioned in the transition era. Construction began in 1992. The layout has a double track mainline with a minimum of 48″ curves while the branch line has minimum 30″ curves. The layout operates with DCC and sound with NCE radio. All points on the mainline and anywhere the bigger locos are likely to go are no.8’s and all are Tortoise operated.

The layout isn’t intended to be an uncompromisingly accurate representation of the Pennsylvania railroad; I’m simply trying to capture the character of it.

The steam locos are predominately brass, some dating back to the late 60’s and all of them have been mechanically and aesthetically ‘tuned’ and fitted with Tsunami decoders. The diesels are mainly contemporary models mostly from Proto 2000 and Broadway Limited Imports. There is a diverse representation of Pennsylvania motive power and in order to reflect the standardisation and the large numbers of certain designs I’ve tried to acquire multiple locos of the more common PRR types.

Charles J. Page.