David Howarth MMR

The Layout

New York Central West Shore Railroad – River Division

You are invited to visit an O Scale 1/48 model railroad representing two time periods.

Layout Description

The New York Central Railroad operated the area modelled in the 1950’s whilst ownership is now in the hands of CSX Transportation. Rolling stock is available to model both periods.

The railroad is housed in a 400 square metre shed (17m by 23m) with an associated “Crew Room”.

Construction has been ongoing for about seven years, with still much to do. However, the double track mainline and branch line are operational.

It takes about 40 minutes to run the length of the mainline.
Alongside the Brach line is a three-foot gauge railway serving stations along the route.

Entering the train shed shows Weehawken NJ docks with 300-foot cliffs in the background.
There is still a large portion of the layout that requires scenery.

The layout is double decked in some areas.

Site Information

Layout Owner:David Howarth MMR
Address:6 Uralla Road, Dural 2158
Phone contact:0411 555 588
Email contact:dhowarthnyc@outlook.com
Layout Details:Name: New York Central West Shore Railroad – River Division
Scale: HO with DCC
Operating sessions:
Other information:Refreshments available, tea and coffee with biscuits

Layout Visits

The layout is open to guests at the following times:

Event TypeDateSessionLinkPlaces
Event TypeDateSessionLinkPlaces

The layout is not open for viewing during the course of the 2023 NMRA Convention on Saturday 30 September or Sunday 1 October.

*Places indicates the remaining spaces available for each session.