Mandalong Sub (Museum)

N Scale By Trevor James

I model a working railroad museum. The locos and rolling stock are cleaned at very regular intervals hence no weathering or graffiti.

Because I operate this museum , I can run both modern and not so modern trains with particular emphasis on railfan trips using original vintage equipment.

The layout is housed in a purpose built shed 13 x 6.4 metres (42’6” x 21′ ) with a workshop/library occupying 3.2 x 3 metres (10′ x 10′ ) of one corner and the layout has the remainder of the area.

DCC system is EasyDCC with tethered and radio throttles.

Track is Peco code 55 with all turnouts either medium or large radius and deadfrogged. There are over 225 turnouts laid to date all manually thrown.

Mainline run is 60 + metres (over 200′ ) so far with an industrial/switching run the same length. There is more mainline and industrial track to lay.

All rolling stock run on Microtrains trucks with low profile wheels and are weighted to NMRA Recommended Practices.

Scenery is 5% complete with more industries to add.