Olpharts Crossing

By Max Wright

A plank layout 5.1 metres x 400 mm depicting a warehouse platform area, refueling area and a workshops area.

It runs on Lenz 3.6 DCC, controlled by Railroad & Co Traincontroller Gold. Lenz LB 101 block detectors and LR 101 feedback modules.

Turnouts are driven by model aeroplane servos, controlled by ESU SwitchPilots.

The box cars are all equipped with DCC Concepts decoders, operating solenoids which open and close the couplers.

The loco shed is equipped with a Loksound V 3.5 decoder which plays sounds of workshop activity as triggered by TC Gold as part of the programme.

The whole programme takes around 35 minutes to run and to return all rolling stock to their start positons. It can then be run on a continuous loop.

YouTube videos of the programme can be viewed here . . .

Olpharts RR&Co Part 1

Olpharts RR&Co Part 2

Olpharts RR&Co Part 3

These movies were made during the set up and testing process; before ballasting and landscaping.

Some more small scenery features will be added in due course.