Presidents Communication – Issue 2

On behalf of the NMRA Australasian Regional Committee (ARC) this email goes out to all of our NMRA AR members.

It goes without saying that SE QLD and Northern NSW are being hit by a significant weather event, the likes of which we have not seen in a decade or more.  There will be many of you who will know of someone who will or has been affected by this event. I ask that you share your moral support to those members, non members and also the communities to which this event is affecting.

I also ask that if you are receiving this email and you are currently impacted by the weather event, please do not be afraid to reach out. 

It is times like these that we as an association need to pull together to support our communities and indeed our fellow members and their families. Even if it is only moral support that you can give, that goes a long way to helping a very stressful situation. 

If you are a member that is in the path of the weather event please ensure you make sure your family and yourself are safe. Do not drive into flooded areas and stay out of dangerous situations. Ensure you have fresh water and are stocked up on supplies.

Duncan Cabassi

NMRA AR President