Roy Howarth

The Layout

Langston Place

Sydney suburbia in the early 1980’s

Layout Description

A layout of the transition from the Public Transport Commission (PTC) to the State Rail Authority (SRA) up to 1985. Epping station is based on the prototype station on the Main North, while Bradfield (named after Dr J.J.C. Bradfield) is a fictitious location taking influences from a number of Sydney locations with many scratchbuilt structures.

Operation: full DC with 2 CDA solid state transformers linked to a control panel operating the section breaks. Double and triple track continuous run mainline with a small goods yard and stabling siding with provision for limited shunting.

The trains are a mix of Sydney suburban, interurban EMU and loco hauled interurban, country, express and mail trains; a mix of modified RTR, kit built and scratchbuilt stock.

The layout was started with the module of Epping station in 2001, with other modules added around 2009-2011. Work is ongoing.

Site Information

Layout Owner:Roy Howarth
Address:8 Milford Road, Miranda 2228
Phone contact:0410 990 537
layout Details:Name: Langston Place
Scale: HO with DC
Size: 3 x6m Shed
Special instructions:Limited parking (near hospitals), limited parking on property.
Other information:

Layout Visits

The layout is open to guests at the following times:

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Event TypeDateSessionLinkPlaces

The layout is not open for viewing during the course of the 2023 NMRA Convention on Saturday 30 September or Sunday 1 October.

*Places indicates the remaining spaces available for each session.