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Clinic Notes


Clinic Notes (PDF)

John Parker Beyond Shaking the Box - (8,000kb)
Phil Knife MMR Building Locomotives - (72kb)
Paul T. Hobbs Kadee Couplers - A Treatise - (22kb)
Steve Pettit MMR N Scale Weathering: Concepts & Techniques - (56kb)
David Latham Model Railroad Photography - (921kb)
Lyndon SpenceDesign Your Layout (almost) Like Magic!
Paul T. Hobbs Streamlined Passenger Trains in California - (36kb)
David Howarth MMR The New York Central System - (1,378kb)
Laurie McLean MMR Detailing Structures (113kb) Structures 1 - (289kb) Structure 2 - (404kb)
Gerry Hopkins MMR Tuning Decoders with Decoder Pro - (2,257kb)
Sowerby Smith Tuning Your Locos - (192kb)
Brett Payne (d)Colorado Railroads - (8,428kb)
Steve ChapmanModelling, Computers & the Internet - (30kb)
Peter JensenHow to use card cards to enhance running your Railroad - (1,370kb)
Ken Scales MMRScratch Building Structures - (796kb)
Rob Nesbitt12th Street Yard - (263kb)
Rob BarkerWeathering - (93kb)
John EaglesConcocting Conifers - (158kb)
Laurie McLean MMRScratchbuilding Techniques - (574kb)
Phil MooreLayout Planning - (914kb)

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