Diamond Valley Lines

By Fred Gill GMMR (d)

The Layout

Size13′ x 8′ – U shaped
Period1880 – 1910
Locos Lower LevelC16, C18, C21, 0-6-0
Locos Upper LevelB2 Climax, T Boiler Shay, Dunkirk, Ali San Shay, 2 x CN60 Shays, 2 x Mich Cal #2 Shays
Railcars5 x assorted Mack Railbusses, Hetch Hetchy Railbus (SB), Inspection car (SB), Railtruck, (SB), and Roadbus remodelled to Railbus.
Passenger Stock4 x Brass San Juan Cars, 4 x E & B Valley Coaches, Edna and Rico Brass Cars
Freight Stock20 odd scratch built cars, 6 x D & RGW Long Cabooses and over 40 kits to assemble.


Layout has three control boards which can be controlled by any one, two or all the boards. The boards are interlocked with rotary switches so the layout can be operated from one controller by an individual or with two persons on the other two controllers. Upper levels have switch motors on all switches whilst the ‘Port’ area has recently been altered to manual slide switch operation. Controllers are by EDA, (these are Australian produced) which so far have been trouble free

The THEME of the RailRoad

The main freight handling is coal, ore and lumber. Hasbin, the top level of the layout has a coal mine which ships coal to other industries on the layout, plus to Port Sendham for loading into ships. Also on the top level is a large scratch built sawmill (over 1000 parts) where logs are received by rail and flume into a log pond. In the same area is the loco shed and repair shops where all Am logging cars, etc, are attended to. A small township exists, Passenger depot etc, and the balance of the town is painted on the backdrop.

As the train descends it passes a coal mine and a small battery of coke ovens – this is situated on one side of a large mountain – lower still on the other side of the mountain is an Ore mine and flotation mill. The track then winds down and around sharp curves, over small bridges and through ‘short tunnels till it reaches the large town of Diamond Valley (which is baseboard level) (42″ above the floor).

In Diamond Valley all geared locos are changed over to rod locos (C’s) which then take over the hauling of trains to Port Sendham. The railroad’s biggest customer ‘THE PASTURE PRIME MEAT PACKING CO’ has its operation here, along with the Heinz Pickle Works, a large General Store and Warehouse. The township has a large Passenger & Freight Depot (Gambol), two main streets of shops and at the south end of town has a Loco Depot and Turntable with full service tracks.

The northern part of the Port of Sendham is not serviced by the railroad and consists of a Ship Repair Yard (with a boat on the slipway) and a large Fish Cannery and associate structures. At the rear of the cannery on a hill is a tall Lighthouse which sets off the scene. There is also a two track railroad car ferry that holds four cars and the tracks from it join the main line near the Passenger Depot.

All boats on the water are scratch built and some are stern paddle-wheelers built from plans obtained from the USA.

This about completes the layout description and attached is a rough plan of the layout.

Diamond Valley Line