Rails@Rosehill 2023 Video

First of all, on behalf of the NMRA Division 7 NSW, thank you Will for this wonderful video detailing what we do at an NMRA convention. We look forward to having you at our future events and being a part of this great organisation.

Will has put together an excellent video showcasing the NMRA, and over the past 12 months been an outstanding ambassador to the NMRA Australasian Region having taken the time to really promote the NMRA Australasian Region in his material, advertising the convention, as well as including snippets of our work at train shows during the year.

In support of Will, I ask that you view the video, and take the time to like and subscribe to his YouTube page. This will also support his endeavours in documenting model railroading in Australia.

The NMRA Convention video is on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpREXtMdMiQ